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Project Description

MPEG-2 Video Tools provides a MPEG-2 video encoder and decoder which aim to be a complete implementation of the ISO/IEC 13812-2:2000 standard (MPEG-2 video). Based on the public domain code released by the MPEG Software Simulation Group in 1996, the priority is completeness and correctness rather than speed. Other libraries exist which are faster but only support Main Profile, Main Level e.g. libmpeg2, ffmpeg and MJPEG Tools. The software will serve as reference software for the development of faster or more complete encoders and decoders, so care has been taken to implement the standard with clarity and accuracy.

Future work will provide a library API and be implemented in C. Platforms supported will be popular Unices and GNU/Linux, MS Windows and MacOS X. autoconf and automake will be used to achieve portability for most platforms. Decoded bitstreams will be displayed using X11 for Unix and native Windows API for MS Windows.

Included is an encoder and decoder application which are useful for creating compliant bitstreams and decoding and verifying MPEG-ES, MPEG-PS, MPEG-PES and MPEG-TS bitstreams.

A PSNR is also included so that source video can be compared to MPEG-2 decoded video.

A number of important improvements over the original SSG code have already been made:

  • display on TrueColor visuals (16, 24, 32 bit displays)
  • decoding of MPEG-TS streams
  • decoding of broken streams which do not start with a required start code
The next release is likely to include:
  • autoconf build
  • MS Windows display
  • a library API to enable its use in other projects (ImageMagick and the AAF SDK come to mind)

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